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Welcome welcome.
To put the illustration drawn as you see, this site was made.
The frequency of the update is a speed at which the illustration is drawn.
My best regards because of thinking holding out though it is not fast.

[About the author]
Handle name:Dai (= "It is large" is meant in Japanese.)
Age:One's 40
Sex: A man
Production environment:Mouse, PictBear v1.74(drawing software, line)
Photoshop Elements 4(Coloring)
Time when it began to draw illustration: September 2004

Comment(The order new in each item)
Story Applause Judo kid Sumou kid Baseball kid other


[ Ultraman Kids ] 11/3/2009
It is the 57th top picture. Publishing period 11/4- 2009
Dai's Room 40000Hits & 4th Anniversary! It is an appearance that children transform to Ultraman.
Whether it is they and Ultraman in another world cannot be gotten to know.

[ Baseball team ] 9/23/2009
It is the 56th top picture. Publishing period 9/23-11/3 2009
They are 2009 baseball team illustration versions of children. Tatsuo newly joined the team.
Kazumi became a head coach from the player.
Extra[ Each two ]
Extra2[ Daiji Variation ]

[ Punch ] 6/13/2009
It is the 55th top picture. Publishing period 6/13-9/23 2009
It is Kentaro who mimics boxing and plays. It plays with the elder brother in the house
because it is not possible to play outside because of rain.
[ Extra ]

[ Jump! ] 4/10/2009
It is the 54th top picture. Publishing period 4/10-6/13 2009
The numerical value of the counter of the site is an illustration of commemoration that exceeds 30,000.
The theme of this illustration is "Lightly dressed" and "Sole. "
Extra[ Each one ]
Extra2[ Bald Version ]

[ Daiji & Kousuke ] 3/2/2009
It is the 53th top picture. Publishing period 3/2-4/10 2009
They are two leading parts on this site.
It is an illustration that challenges the composition at which it looks down from the diagonal.
Extra[ Kousuke ]

[ Daiji - Cow style ] 2/22/2009
It is the 52th top picture. Publishing period 2/22-3/1 2009
Daiji is disguising this as the cow.

[ The sweat is wiped. ] 1/28/2009
It is the 51th top picture. Publishing period 1/28-2/22 2009
It is Kousuke who is wiping off the sweat while practicing sumo wrestling.
It is Daiji that sits in the lower right of the screen.

[ Young Tetsuo's Best clothes ] 1/1/2009
It is the 50th top picture. Publishing period 1/1-28 2009
Best clothes were dressed because it was a New Year.
It is Tetsuo who drew in a design different from always when it is young.

[ Father Christmas is busy. ] 12/24/2008
It is the 49th top picture. Publishing period 12/24-26 2008
Daiji is disguising this as the Father Christmas.
He thinks," Like parent bird it that carries food to the child."
It variously devised it clothes.

[ 3rd Anniversary ] 11/13/2008
It is the 48th top picture. Publishing period 11/13-12/24 2008
It is the third anniversary in site establishment illustration. It made it in the concept art style.
[ Daiji ] It is full dress as the Buddhism monk. Because it is a leading part, it is largest
[ Three brothers ] It is Kousuke who is carrying Kentaro piggyback, and it is the Kansuke who stands sideways.
Kousuke and Kansuke have the height difference more.
It is a composition that wanted to draw for a long time before.
[ Syoukichi & Tetsuo ] It is a captain combination.
[ Motomichi & Sinkichi ]
[ Kazumi ]

[ Tetsuo - Sumo style ] 10/3/2008
It is the 47th top picture. Publishing period 10/3-11/11 2008
It is Tetsuo who wore the Mawashi. Because he had not been drawn for a while, it drew for the practice.
It decided to put it in the top because it had liked it.

[ Judo kids - kansuke ] 7/17/2008
It is the 46th top picture. Publishing period 7/17-10/3 2008
It is Kansuke straight clothes of which it falls into disorder seem.
He is not wearing the undergarment. (In the judo because it is correct)

[ 20000Hit - Dai's Children 2 ] 5/17/2008
It is the 45th top picture. Publishing period 5/17-7/17 2008
The counter that exists in the top page of the site is an illustration of
commemoration that reaches 20,000.
The place with children is the stairs which the embankment in the river goes up.
There is forward a river, and the rice field has extended back.

[ 20000Hit - Dai's Children 1 ] 4/19/2008
It is the 44th top picture. Publishing period 4/19-5/17 2008
The counter that exists in the top page of the site is an illustration of
commemoration that reaches 20,000. They are children young among characters.
It appears in both because Daiji is an age in the middle.
Extra[ Motomichi ] [ Sinkichi ]

[ Kentaro - Kung fu style ] 4/17/2008
It is the 43th top picture. Publishing period 4/17-5/17 2008
Clothes that Kentaro wears appear in online gaming "Master of Epic".
"Battle headband" "Battle tunic" "Battle boots" "Battle protector" "Battle wristband"
"Immortal pants" "Fist mastering knuckle" & "Defender shield"
Extra[ headbandless version ]
Extra2[ Animal version ]

[ Kansuke - American football style ] 2/1/2008
It is the 42th top picture. Publishing period 2/1-4/17 2008
It drew answering the request.
Extra[ Animal version ]

[ Kansuke & Kentaro in New Year ] 1/1/2008
It is the 41th top picture. Publishing period 1/1-1/31 2008
Kansuke is making the rice cake of Japan.
Kentaro says the reward that gets the new year's present.

[ Now let's go. ] 12/24/2007
It is the 39th top picture. Publishing period 12/24-25 2007
It is a title illustration picture of the Christmas limitation.
Hereafter, Daiji who left the present for the distribution and Kentaro were drawn.
Extra[ Animal version ]

[ 2nd Anniversary - Baseball kids ] 11/4/2007
It is the 38th top picture. Publishing period 11/4-12/24 2007
It drew in commemoration of the second anniversary in establish of this Web site.
Because the number of appearing children was just nine people, it became this illustration.
Extra[ Ver.2 ]It is a version that raises a symmetric rate.

[ Daiji at an Athletic meet ] 9/22/2007
It is the 37th top picture. Publishing period 9/22-11/4 2007
It is Daiji at the athletic meet of the junior high school.

[ Daiji's Batting ] 8/16/2007
It is the 36th top picture. Publishing period 8/16-9/22 2007
It is Daiji who is applying the ball to the bat staggering.
The coloring method like the animated cartoon was tested.
Extra[ Helmetless version ]

[ Kansuke - baseball style ] 7/31/2007
It is the 35th top picture. Publishing period 7/31-8/16 2007
It is Kansuke who put on the uniform of baseball.
It came to want to draw reading the baseball comic.
It will start in the defense in the future.
Extra[ Cap version ]

[ My Littele Brother ] 5/28/2007
It is the 34th top picture. Publishing period 5/28-7/31 2007
It is an illustration where the elder sister and younger brother queued up.
At last, it was possible to achieve it though it was an illustration thought to draw before.

[ Knight Style Kansuke ] 4/22/2007
It is the 33th top picture. Publishing period 4/22- 2007
It is Kansuke who had the shape of the knight.
The idea was going to be changed occasionally, and drawn.
Extra[ Blue version ]

[ 10000Hit ]
It is the 32th top picture. Publishing period 3/17-4/22 2007
The counter that exists in the top page of the site is an illustration of
commemoration that reaches 10,000. Characters updated the number of maximum
appearance in the current one illustration because it had increased.
The illustration of the character hidden back is put as follows as the extra.
[ Kousuke ] [ Kansuke ] [ Syoukichi ] [ Sinkichi ] [ Tetsuo ]

[ Tetsuo's Pitching ] 2/14/2007
It is the 31th top picture. Publishing period 2/14-3/17 2007
Tetsuo who does pitching practice. The pitcher of belonging exclusively practices and
he also is practicing because there is only one person.His original position is a third.

[ Sinkichi worn a lot of clothes ] 1/13/2007
It is the 30th top picture. Publishing period 1/13-2/14 2007
When it seems to be winter, it is Sinkichi who dressed clothes that seem to be warm.
The color of the nose and the cheek has reddened a little due to the cold.

[ Kentaro's Best clothes ] 1/1/2007
It is the 29th top picture. Publishing period 1/1-13 2007
It is Kentaro who wore one's best dress. Clothes are appropriate for the size of the body
compared with last year's shape. He says, "Let's hold out this year".

[ Greeting ] 12/26/2006
It is the 28th top picture. Publishing period 12/27-31 2006
It is a greeting at the end of the year. Because the greeting from the site manager was
held concurrently, leading part Daiji was made to appear.

[ Merry Christmas. ] 12/24/2006
[ Reindeers ], [ Santa style - Daiji & Kansuke ] & [ Santa style - Sinkichi, Kentaro ]
[ Santa style - Sinkichi ] It is Sinkichi who staggers by the weight of the bag that has it.
[ Santa style - Kentaro ] Kentaro thinks that it wants the bat that has it in the hand.

[ Reindeers ] 12/24/2006
It is the 27th top picture. Publishing period 12/24-25 2006
Kousuke and Syoukichi whom reindeer disguised. They pull snowshoes.
[ Extra Version ]

[ Santa style - Daiji & Kansuke ] 12/7/2006
It is the 26th top picture. Publishing period 12/7-12/24 2006
It is Daiji and it is Kansuke who is packing the present into the bag.
It is rabbit's stuffed animal that it is forward.

[ Anniversary ] 11/10/2006
It is the 25th top picture. Publishing period 11/10-12/7 2006
The main character was made to muster as first annibersary of the site.
There are not so many union feelings because it drew separately in each part.
Extra1[ Daiji ] It seeming was a commemoration illustration, be, it be a leading part,
and the uniform was neatly dressed. "first annibersary" is shown by the finger.
His height is small in the second in five people.
Extra2[ Kansuke & Kentaro ] It is Kansuke who is carrying Kentaro piggyback.
Because the size of the picture grew too much, it changed though it was
scheduled for Kousuke to carry Kentaro piggyback at first and to stand.
The reason for Kentaro is that it became troublesome on the way
though nakedness scheduled clothes to be drawn later.
Extra3[ Kousuke & Syoukichi ] They are in the third grade of junior high-school.
Apparently, Kousuke seems to like to play a trick to Syoukichi.

[ Batter Kansuke ] 10/16/2006
It is the 24th top picture. Publishing period 10/16-11/9 2006
It is Kansuke who wears the uniform of the baseball club in the junior high school.
Because the number of members of the baseball club is little,
the uniform is temporarily worn. Because the height was large,
he was mistaken for the junior high school student.

[ Exhaustion5 ] 9/18/2006
It is the 23th top picture. Publishing period 9/18-10/16 2006
It is Kentaro who becomes tired and is taking a rest.
It is too changeless to draw the picture of this angle because
it is difficult with the picture drawn before.

[ Pratfall2 ] 9/10/2006
It is the 22th top picture. Publishing period 9/10-9/18 2006
It is Syoukichi who has the face to be surprised at something.
It is difficult to draw the left leg seen from this angle.

[ Yell2 ] 8/17/2006
It is the 21th top picture. Publishing period 8/17-9/10 2006
It is Kentaro who is shouting in the heroic pose.
Kentaro or his elder brother is a moment that won a match.
Judo uniforms are larger than bodies. With this, it is seems not to move easily.
Extra[ Title_picture Version ]

[ Kansuke's Batting2 ] 8/10/2006
It is the 20th top picture. Publishing period 8/10-8/17 2006
Because the request had been gotten, it drew.
It is an illustration connected from [Kansuke 's Batting].
It is difficult to draw the picture of batting.

[ Daiji's Pitching ] 8/6/2006
It is the 19th top picture. Publishing period 8/7-8/10 2006
It is Daiji who throws a ball.
The uniform of the baseball club in the junior high school is worn.
He is serving concurrently as the part because baseball club's member is few.
Extra[ Version without baseball cap ]

[ Pitcher Kentaro ] 7/10/2006
It is the 18th top picture. Publishing period 7/10-8/6 2006
It drew because there was no illustration of the face that had turned in front of of Kentaro.
The background for a top picture was put. Do eyes sparkle too much?

[ Young Kousuke - Lunch - ] 7/2/2006
It is the 17th top picture. Publishing period 7/2-7/10/2006
It is Kousuke when it is very young. About 5 or 6 years old.
Not the oblique tooth but other teeth have come out of seen teeth.
Are three rice balls eaten too much? Therefore, in having grown.

[ Run ] 5/26/2006
It is the 16th top picture. Publishing period 5/27-7/2/2006
It is Kansuke who is chasing the stricken ball.
It wishes that the throb feeling only have to go out to the picture.
A ball is caught after this, and it connects with [ Passing the ball ].

[ Sitting Kansuke ] 5/17/2006
It is the 15th top picture. Publishing period 5/17-5/26/2006
Because the picture of the face for in front of was few, it drew.
Because the face face uped, it made it to the composition at which it looked down.
The hand is applied to the stomach because of thinking, "It is hungry".

[ Mustering ] 4/11/2006
It is the 13th top picture. Publishing period 4/11-4/21/2006
It is a picture of the main four member mustering of the site.
It is the current and best masterpiece. I thought that this picture
was suitable for a top picture because it was lively.
Kentaro's expression will have started expressing the archaic smile.

[ Thinking ] 3/12/2006
It is the 12th top picture. Publishing period 3/12-4/11/2006
It is Kentaro when the hair expands from the shaven head a little.
Kentaro has the habit of touching the cheek by the finger when thinking.

[ Ready to Fight! ] 2/23/2006
It is the 11th top picture. Publishing period 2/23-3/12/2006
It is Kentaro just behind the go-ahead signal of the judo.
Because the direction at which Kentaro is looking is the above,
other parties seem to be bigger than Kentaro.

[ brotherly time ] 1/30/2006
It is the ninth top picture. Publishing period 1/30-2/17/2006
It is Kansuke who is carrying Kentaro on one's back. Because Kentaro has slipped down,
it is feeling of sleep before one is aware when turning around.

[ Sitting straight ] 1/9/2006
It is the second step of a top picture for the New Year of 2006. Publishing period 1/9-1/12/2006
When it seems to be a New Year, it is Daiji who dressed up.
I think that Daiji has slightly become young feeling,
too because it continuously drew school child Kentaro recently.

[ Kite deep-frying ] 12/31/2005
It is a top picture for the New Year of 2006. Publishing period 1/1-1/9/2006
It is Kentaro who will try to do the kite deep-frying in the future.
A usual smile is the first time.
The worn Japanese clothes falls about the elder brother though it is too large for him.
Because Japanese clothes is drawn by the imagination, it is not accurate.

[ Monk style - The bell is tolled. ] 12/24/2005
It is a title picture for the end of the year. Publishing period 12/25-12/31/2005
It is Daiji who tolls the bell.
It is a product of the imagination because clothes of the priest whom he wears
did not examine the real thing.
In the temple in Japan, there are manners to toll the bell 108 times
on the New Year's Eve.

[ Santa Claus style ] 11/30/2005
It is a title picture for the period of Christmas. Publishing period 12/1-12/25/2005
It is Daiji who put on Father Christmas's clothes.
It was impossible in the skill of my picture though the reindeer had wanted also to draw.

[ Kansuke2 ] 11/23/2005
It is the second title picture. Publishing period 11/23-11/30/2005
His name is Kansuke Nakamori,
It was selected for the title picture by the illustration of the second piece.
Because he liked it while it was drawing.
It ended in the judo hall on the way of the practice.

[ I look up into the sky. ] 10/21/2005
It is the first title picture. Publishing period 11/4-11/23/2005
Because I had wanted to draw the picture of the uniform cap, he was made to put it on.
I will sit on the slope in the bank in the river that is on the way of the
going to school road.

[Story] [Top]

[ Daiji's Diary 3 ]
[ Monk style ] Please refer to.

[ Daiji's Diary 2 ] 12/7/2005
It is Daiji who awoke now. Daiji's room is a Japanese-style room of about six mats.
Daiji is sleeping putting on priest's work wear instead of pajamas.
In a right door, it is leg of the desk that sees in the interior in the shoji.

[ Daiji's Diary 1 ] 11/1/2005
It is Daiji and Kousuke's sceneries of leaving school.
The background is a color of the evening glow.
Daiji seeming is the first grader, and the uniform cap is worn,
and it has the bag of the school specification.
Kousuke of the third grader is using its favorite bag.
It is cake Taiyaki of Japan that they eat.

[Reward of applause] [Top]

[ Bathing ] 2005/12/4
It is Daiji who is soaked to the bath.
It became it so why though the picture to be asleep was going to have been drawn.

[Baseball kid] [Top]

[ Shaved head Brothers ] 6/24/2009
Tetsuo "Became the same head as me by this. "
Tatsuo "muuh.."
Extra[ Tetsuo@Tatsuo ]

[ Pitcher Kansuke ] 6/17/2009
Extra[ Capless version ]
Extra2[ Capless version 2 ]

[ Tatsuo2 ] 1/10/2009
Tatsuo is meeting his elder brother who returned from the school in the door.
Tatsuo "Welcome home"

[ After it has a shave head ] 11/29/2008
It is Tatsuo after the head is shaved with hair clippers.

[ Tatsuo gets his head shaved ] 11/24/2008
It is Tatsuo from whom his head is being shaved with hair clippers by the elder brother.
Extra[ Extra ]

[ Tatsuo ] 11/16/2008
He is Tetsuo's younger brother Tatsuo.
[ Extra ] [ Ganbare! Ooyama-kun1 = "Do your best. Daiji" ] 9/5/2007
"It's Last one." It loses one's breath, and it is Taro who seems to be painful,
and the sweat of the cheek is wiped by the shoulder.
It is one batter and the scene of game over.
Extra[ monochrome version ]
Extra2[ Capless version ]

[ Tetsuo's Head-first sliding ] 9/2/2007
It is Tetsuo who slides the head.
It was going to challenge the picture from a changeable angle occasionally and it drew.
It has become a little young feeling.

[ Tetsuo's Catching ] 8/28/2007
It is Tetsuo who diving obtains the ball.
This play that often existed in baseball thought to draw before was drawn.

[ Batter Kentaro ] 8/19/2007
It is Kentaro who put on the uniform of the baseball club in the junior high school.
Naturally, it is too large for Kentaro's body.
It is feeling that it was possible to join a group specially by asking.
Extra[ Helmetless version ]

[ Kansuke - baseball style2 ] 8/8/2007
It is Taro of the catch body pose of infield grounder.
It drew because it had come also for this illustration to want to draw reading
the baseball comic.
Extra[ Capless version ]

[ Tetsuo put on School uniform ] 7/4/2007
It is Tetsuo who wears the uniform of the junior high school.
It drew because there was only a uniform appearance of baseball up to now.

[ Rooting ] 5/13/2007
It is Tetsuo who cheers from the bench to the batter of the view.
In openmouthed of Tetsuo, this illustration is the first time.

[ Taking the plate ] 4/30/2007
It is Daiji who tries to do mound duty.
He is an expression of the feeling has strained for a moment.
Tetsuo "It is possible to do if it is Daiji, and you. "
Daiji"Yes captain. It holds out. "

[ Monk Style Tetsuo ] 4/26/2007
It is Tetsuo of the Monk appearance. All his hairs are shaved.
It drew because there was no picture that drew him from the front yet.
It is Daiji that clothes were offered to him, and shaved his head.
Extra[ Bald version ]

[ Tetsuo gets his head shaved ] 4/20/2007
It is the previous scene, and it is Tetsuo a little while the hair is being shaved.
A little uneasy Tetsuo expression of.

[ Exhaustion6 ] 2007/4/15
It is Tetsuo tired even if the practice of the baseball club is ended.

[ Tetsuo's Shaved Head ] 4/13/2007
It is Tetsuo because it got the request who drew from whom the head was shaved.
The expression is feeling of feeling shy for a moment.

[ Captain of baseball club ] 2/6/2007
@His name is Tetsuo Kawada. He is a captain of the baseball club.
He is Syoukichi's relative. Their relative lives in the Kawada-cho(town) a lot.

[Judo kid] [Top]

[ The injection is feared. ] 11/10/2009
It is Motomichi who fears the injection, and has wet one's pants while crying.
It is a practice of drawing the crying face.

[ Kansuke - Kung fu style7 - Disarmament ] 5/28/2009
Extra[ Kansuke ]
Extra2[ Red Ender ]

[ Kansuke - Kung fu style6 - Pinch! ] 5/10/2009

[ Kansuke - Kung fu style5 - elbow bat ] 5/4/2009

[ Kansuke - Kung fu style4 - Jump kick ] 4/30/2009

[ Kansuke - Kung fu style3 - Going to the front ] 4/26/2009

[ Kansuke - Kung fu style2 Battle! ] 4/24/2009

[ Kansuke - Kung fu style ] 4/22/2009

[ Judo kids - Kentaro ] 4/19/2009

[ Fearless smile ] 2/11/2009

[ Little Captain Kenatro ] 12/20/2008
Extra[ Capless version ]

[ Kentaro - Uniform style ] 12/18/2008

[ Motomichi's the first shaven head ] 11/ 2008

[ Kentaro - Kung fu style2 ] 10/13/2008

[ Naked Kentaro ] 9/23/2008

[ Kentaro who has a dip in a river ] 8/20/2008

[ Bald Shave ] 7/ 2008

[ Kansuke shaved Kentaro's head ] 2/28/2008
It is Kentaro's haircut scenery by Kansuke. Kansuke is oiling the blade of hair clippers.

[ Kentaro - Kimono style ] 12/6/2007
It is Kentaro who put on the kimono.I was going to have made it to the quarter view aspect
this time.The background expressed a feature garden in the temple in Japan.
It is the 40th top picture. Publishing period 12/26/2007-1/1/2008

[ looks up ] 11/16/2007
It is Motomichi who is face uping. It challenged the composition of Utsm for the first time.
It will have colored taking care from always to feeling of quality, light, and
the shadow of the mat. Motomichi "Is dad in the heaven looking at me?"

[ The night of hot summer ] 6/29/2007
It is hot, seem sleepless Kentaro. Kentaro expressed my situation every evening.
The worn thing and the worn blanket made of toweling are almost the same.
The pair of trousers of pajamas has come off when it gets up in the morning.

[ Kansuke who blushes ] 6/22/2007
It is Kansuke who has blushed feeling shy in his cheek.
It is because because all his hairs have been shaved by father.

[ It takes off a shirt. ] 6/16/2007
It is Kansuke and it is Kentaro while clothes is changed.
Will try change of clothes to Judo uniform hereafter.

[ Sitting Laugh Kansuke ] 6/4/2007
It is Kansuke who is sitting holding the knee. Laughingly as child. play a trick
It is one year or two years ago because it looks younger than usual.

[ Sitting Kentaro2 ] 5/6/2007
@It is sitting Kentaro. It is the following scene because it is Judo uniform that puts on
on the way ofthe practice. The pose took completed time without hitting on and it existed now.

[ Junior high school student Kansuke ] 4/10/2007
It is Kansuke of the junior high school student version. The worn uniform is large
in the thing transferred by Kousuke. Because it is a judo club even if becoming a
junior high school student, Judo uniform is shouldered.

[ Kansuke6 ] 3/4/2007
Because there were not so many pictures suitable for true side, it drew and it saw.

[ The game is waited for. ] 2/19/2007
It is Kentaro who is waiting for my turn in the game.

[ Judo Girl ] 1/27/2007
It is an elder sister of Daiji who appeared after an interval of several months
of one year.

[ Dash ] 1/17/2007
It is Kentaro who is doing the sprint by teaching the physical education of the
elementary school.

[ wake up Kansuke ] 1/2/2007
It is Kansuke who just awoke, and yawns. The hair of the shaven head has shortened
further than usual.

[ Running Kansuke ] 12/17/2006
It is Kansuke who runs toward this side of the screen. It is a uniform of the baseball club
in the junior high school that he wears. It is feeling at which it is laughed that it is
safe though the nose and the prominent forehead were abraded a little.

[ Kentaro's Shaved Head ] 10/11/2006
The hair of the head is cut and it is Kentaro of setting up.
Because I had wanted to draw its face that had been looked down on a little, it drew.

[ Kansuke5 ] 10/10/2006
It is Kansuke who recalls something and is beating my hand.
The left leg looks big because it tried to put out the perspective tentatively.

[ Kansuke & Kentaro2 ] 10/3/2006
It is a brother who queues up and is standing.
Because the head in the back had come to want to draw after a long time, it drew.
It is a mere omission that the elder brother is undressed.

[ Entrance ceremony ] 9/29/2006
It is Kentaro at the elementary school entrance ceremony.
It waves gladly because the elder brother was found at the school.

[ Kentaro thrown down ] 9/23/2006
It is Kentaro thrown down in the judo.
It tries to ward off the impact beating the mat by the left hand.

[ Kansuke4 ] 9/13/2006
It is Kansuke while clothes is being changed.
He is talking to Kentaro who exists in the direction.
It has the other side of the belt in the hidden right hand.

[ Sleeping Kentaro ] 9/6/2006
It is Kentaro who is taking a nap. It changed though it began to have drawn
first in the opposite direction because it became it as well as [Swimming].

[ After the Training ] 8/21/2006
It is Kansuke who is taking a rest after the judo is practiced.
He says, "I want to eat the ice sherbet when coming home".
It is a fan of Japan "Utiwa" that he has.
A part of his name is being written on the surface of the fan.

[ Swimming ] 7/29/2006
It is Kentaro who is swimming. He is not so good at the swim.
Because he is greatly opening his mouth, it seems to drink a lot of water.

[ Little Judo kid3 ] 7/24/2006
It is the usual and it is experimentally Kentaro(or another) who variously changes it.
There is highlight on eyes a lot. The shadow was clearly made a little.
It seems that it sunburns slightly.

[ Kansuke & Kentaro ] 7/22/2006
It is Kentaro who is clinging to the elder brother.
It is a picture that referred to the candid photograph.
Because it had liked the composition because of the ending of a certain
japanese animated cartoon, it drew.

[ Kentaro's Sliding ] 6/7/2006
It is Kentaro who slides toward second base.

[ infielder Kansuke ] 6/3/2006
This picture is the one that it drew between [ Run ] and [ Passing the ball ].
It is Kansuke who is catching a ball.

[ Kentaro's Pitching ] 5/28/2006
It is Kentaro who throws a ball. He is a pitcher of baseball.
It is because young Kentaro is the pitcher was comparatively good that it controls.

[ Passing the ball ] 5/25/2006
Kansuke is an infielder, and the ball is passed.
I thought that it drew a throw because it had drawn batting.

[ Kansuke's Batting ] 5/22/2006
Because the picture of Kansuke who played baseball had been requested, it drew.

[ Hurry up. ] 5/19/2006
Kentaro is hurrying the elder brother. Do catch of the brother of the insect.

[ After bath ] 4/25/2006
It is Ka and it is Kentaro who went out of the bath.

[ Kentaro's fight ] 4/21/2006
It is the 14th top picture. Publishing period 4/21-5/17/2006
It is Kentaro who is taking a stance. It is the same series as picture [ Ready to Fight! ].
It is understood to have changed compared with the picture of Kentaro who drew first.
I want to think this change to be its progress.

[ brotherly time2 ] 4/15/2006
It is Kentaro who leans against the elder brother and is sitting.
The practice ends and it takes a rest. By the way, such a conversation is done.
Kentaro "What the menu of today's supper does the elder brother think?"
Kansuke "I am that wants to eat the curry."

[ Sitting Kentaro ] 3/24/2006
It is sitting Kentaro. It is perhaps on the way of a flexible movement because
it parts one's legs, it stands round-shouldered, and it tries to extend both hands.

[ Kansuke3 ] 3/17/2006
It is Kansuke. If you do not devise it a little more ..feeling it..
without the taking the place shining very too much doing c.

[ Mom and I ] 3/9/2006
It is Kentaro and his mother. Judging from Kentaro's clothes, the season is still winter.
Because wearing and wear are handed down of the elder brother, it is too large for him.
The muffler has been rolled so that cold air should not enter from the space of the neck.
Mother is touching well because she likes to touch sons' soft cheeks.
Mother "Be warm clothes because it gets cold today."
Kentaro "Yes, mammy."

[ Bland Judo kid ] 3/11/2006
His name is Motomichi Oonuki. It is the fourth grade of elementary school
of a bland character. It is called by the nickname of Asian racoon - Tanuki.

[ Pushup ] 3/3/2006
It is Kentaro who tries to stand up.
That was applied to the title because it seemed to do pushup.

[ Sprain ] 2/27/2006
It is Kentaro who sprains my left leg. The reason for it is tears
is that the judo probably because of the pain cannot be done.
Because it doesn't know how to roll the taping, it is not accurate.

[ Laughing ] 2/19/2006
It is Kentaro of feeling that seems to be happy.
Something is poked by the forefinger of the right hand.
11/18/2006 The picture was finally completed.

[ Exhaustion3 ] 2/17/2006
It is the 10th top picture. Publishing period 2/17-2/23 /2006
It is tired Kentaro. I think that it became feeling different from always because
it drew on purpose without correcting the balance of the picture.
Tired is worried about, and a strong point in the answer.
Elder brother"Do you ..Kentaro who did very.. take a rest?"
Kentaro"Do not become tired still. "

[ Boastful2 ] 2/11/2006
It is Kentaro with the face to which it is boastful.
The reversing hilt was changed because it wanted to like the face of [ change of clothes ],
and to draw a little more.

[ Change of clothes ] 2/3/2006
It is Kentaro who is changing clothes.
Here was seen, and because I had wanted to draw the picture,
eyes were drawn though the face was suitable for side.
The signboard of "Judo club" hangs on the pillar though it is not in the screen
because Kentaro's body is small.

[ Sitting straight2 ] 1/25/2006
It publishes in 1/26 in the top. Publishing period 1/26-1/30/2006
It is Kentaro who is sitting straight in the corner of the judo hall.

[ haircut2 ] 1/20/2006
It is Kansuke who makes a mistake in the adjustment of hair clippers,
and has shaved Kentaro's hair.
Kentaro thinks, "Heads are cooler than usual".

[ Crying ] 1/14/2006
It is crying Kentaro. Only it is to have wanted to draw the crying expression by me,
the situation was not especially thought.

[ Seoi-nage ] 1/3(1/12)/2006
It top publishes specially. Publishing period 1/12-1/26/2006
This is a judo technique representative in my conception.
Though it only has to seem that the current illustration has movement in the picture.
It completes adding 1/12 elder brothers, and it becomes a practice of Seoi-nage as a picture.

[ It feels shy. ] 12/28/2005
The belt is a white belt though it is likely to have been noticed because it sees.
It started and it put on Judo uniform. It shines a little.

[ Boastful ] 12/23/2005
It is Kentaro with the proud look. I think that the game of the judo was won.
In the illustration that depicts Kentaro,
it is an expression that is the first and seems glad.
Extra[ Version that shuts both eyes ]

[ It is studying. ] 12/20/2005
It is Kentaro who is studying arithmetic. He is not good at arithmetic.
It is a sportswear of the elementary school that he wears.
He looks somehow like ape's child.
The content of the note is not accurate.

[ Yell ] 12/18/2005
It is Nakamori brother, and no fight.
kansuke:"Do your best! Kentaro." Kentaro:"Yes, brother!"
It is a scene where the elder brother encourages younger brother.
It is an event during the game of the judo.

[ Little Judo kid ] 12/13/2005
It is Kansuke's younger brother Kentaro.
The color etc. of amount, the nose, the mouth, and the body look like.

[ Going to school] 12/12/2005
It is Daiji's elder sister.
It is because why it is this category is in girl's judo club in the high school.

[ Kansuke1 - Prototype ] 11/18/2005
He is Kosuke's cousin Kansuke Nakamori, and the picture is on the way of change of clothes.
Iris of the eye and the eyebrow look alike though they do not look like so much.
His body is in the sixth grade of elementary school though it is larger than Daiji Oyama.

[Sumo kid] [Top]

[ Sumo kid - Syoukichi ] 7/22/2009

[ Pleased Syoukichi ] 12/16/2007
It is pleased Syoukichi. As a result of the popularity vote, it drew in the commemoration
chosen as the first place.

[ Sitting Kousuke & Syoukichi ] 9/30/2007
It is Kousuke who unites the arm and is resting.
This is an illustration at the athletic meet, and he has rolled the headband in amount.
The color of the headband is a team color.
10/6/2007 It is an addition, and this is a finished type as for Syoukichi.
Extra[ Syoukichi only ]

[ Monk style Daiji - Cleaning ] 9/16/2007
He is a priest of the child who cleans the temple.
It is thought that child's priest is this shape because of the animated cartoon that
I saw in childhood.

[ Baby Daiji ] 9/13/2007
It is Daiji when it is a baby. He has a slight cold for a moment.
11/22/2007 The background was drawn and added to the picture.

[ Sweating Kousuke ] 7/11/2007
It is Taro who is sweating because of the Training of the sumo wrestling.
He looks ill-humored because of the heat.

[ After bath3 - Sinkichi ] 11/25/2006
This child is Syoukichi's younger brother. He looks like his elder brother very well.
He is speaking toward mother. "Does mother know where my undergarment is?"

[ Kousuke & Syoukichi ] 11/23/2006
It is Kousuke and it is Syoukichi who queues up and is standing.
They are sumo wrestling members in the third grade of junior high-school.
Kousuke is questioned, and is answering , saying that "Are you a captain?", "It is him".
11/28/2007 The background was drawn and added to the picture.
the place It is passage at the school.

[ The arm was hurt. ] 10/21/2006
It is Syoukichi who is holding my hurt arm by the hand.
It tries to draw a thing different from the pose that has been drawn as up to
now as possible. It is difficult to hit on a new pose gradually.

[ Exhaustion4 ] 8/31/2006
It is Syoukichi who becomes tired because of training and is sitting.
As for the illustration that had been drawn up to now,
the body was not dirty as the picture of the training of the sumo wrestling.
The dirt of the soil was drawn this time because it was it.

[ The shaven head is patted. ] 8/26/2006
It is Syoukichi from whom my head is being touched by Kousuke.
In the picture of Kousuke who is laughing, this is the first time.

[ coaching ] 8/15/2006
Syoukichi is coaching for the member. He is doing a gentle character by the childish face.
It has not succeeded so much though he will be severely coaching.

[ Captain of sumo wrestling club ] 8/14/2006
He is Syoukichi Kawada of new characters on the site. He is Kousuke's classmate.
Cartooned expression of the shaven head was used.

[ After bath2 ] 8/2/2006
It is Daiji of just going out of the bathtub.
It is influenced by Kentaro and the face has become young because it drew after a long time.

[ Sitting Kousuke ] 6/21/2006
It is an accent in the body that a lot of wounds are.
Because it seems not to be able to draw the character when it becomes vacant too much,
the practice is held concurrently.

[ Sitting smile Daiji ] 4/19/2006
Daiji says, "Sitting straight becomes accustomed because I am an apprentice in the temple".

[ Exhaustion2 ] 1/24/2006
It is considerably tired Kousuke, and it is fairly after a long time to have drawn Kousuke.
If eyes are shut, it becomes feeling that looks like Kansuke.
Because it is a cousin, the common feature is included beforehand.

[ Training3 ] 1/18/2006
It is Daiji while the sumo wrestling is trained.
It seems to enthuse though it is considerably tired.

[ Monk style2 ] 1/6/2006
It is Daiji who had religious mendicancy monk's shape.
Neither the face nor the pose are so different from [ Baseball style ].
It is feeling of having met during the religious mendicancy in the acquaintance.

[ Geta (GETA is wooden sandals of Japanese.) ] 11/26/2005
It is Daiji who goes to school.
Instead, because all shoes usually put on are wet, it puts this on.

[ Baseball style ] 11/20/2005
It is a uniform of the baseball club in the junior high school that he wears.
It is the first time to draw the uniform, the spike, and the glove.
The character of the chest is a name of the junior high school (name of the town).
Extra[ Version without baseball cap ]

[ stone is kicked. ] 11/17/2005
It is Kosuke who kicks a small stone and walks, and, perhaps, it is going to school.

[ fold one's arms. ] 11/15/2005
It is Kosuke who is uniting its arm, and clothes are uniforms of summer.
It is made to speak something and to hear.
(Or, the mouth is opened and it is asleep.)
Kosuke's rate at which clothes are worn is higher than Daiji.

[ Untitled4 ] 11/12/2005
The illustration below changes and is Oyama of brave feeling.
It is not understood what this pose is.
It considerably likes only the face.

[ Ready to Fight? ] 11/9/2005
It is this composition as for the sumo wrestling.
He doesn't have confidence to win.

[ It cleans it. ] 11/6/2005
It is possible to become empty, the cleaning time is done so, and it is expressionless somehow.
It puts on, and the scenery in the school such as sportswears and the jerseys usually.
It drew for the comparison of the sizes with Daiji of the second-year pupil.

[ Judo style ] 11/3/2005
Judo uniform was drawn though it was not sumo wrestling kid's category.
It is a judo of PE lesson.
He is hot because of fighting against the judo member.

[ sitting cross-legged ] 11/2/2005
It is Daiji who changes and drew the touch of the picture.
Because it is feeling to which he grows compared with other pictures,
this Daiji is a second-year pupil.
Do when arranging and seeing though it is the same composition as [Prototype]?

[ Training2 ] 10/30/2005
It is scenery while Training. Because Daiji became tired, it lies and it takes a rest.
Kosuke says, "Be, and already get up".
I was going to draw Daiji's back figure.

[ Win ] 10/29/2005
It is a pose of victory.

[ Smile ] 10/28/2005
It is a smile of will being to have changed the taste of the picture.
It became a bust shot because it had become tired to draw the whole body.

[ have a break ] 10/27/2005
Because Daiji became tired, it lies and it takes a rest.
It is considerably difficult on the diagonal though it is a picture at which it looks down.

[ Untitled3 ] 10/22/2005
His name is Kousuke Ogawa. I thought that there should be another person character by you.
It differs so much only like the color and each part detail, etc.

[ Untitled2 ] 10/20/2005
It is unusual and it Daiji of bullish feeling. Is it a Training or it is fighting.

[ haircut ] 10/18/2005
It drew the favor of the shaven head because it was easy.

[ Mawasi ] 10/15/2005
It is a situation of having seen the thing only after it joins the sumo wrestling part.
Because material is not seen, it is not accurate.

[ Untitled1 ] 10/9/2005
There is not a name though they are the first characters other than Daiji either.

[ Exhaustion ] 10/11/2005
The right hand is attached to the wall though it is incomprehensible because
the background cannot be drawn.

[ Laughter ] 10/7/2005
Clothes were dressed for the first time.
It is a uniform of the junior high school of simple feeling because it has not drawn clothes.

[ Tears of vexation ] 10/6/2005
It cries because it was defeated because of the continuation of two story below.

[ Pratfall ] 10/5/2005
It is feeling of having been thrown down in "Strong opponent".

[ Training ] 10/4/2005
This face is decision. It is a problem of the skill of my picture if it doesn't see it so.
There is "Lesser in the strong opponent" in another setting though the title is a Training.

[ Prototype ] 10/3/2005
It is what drawn first. For decision of rough feature and color.
The another person is seen with the following one.

[Dragon - child] [Top]

[ 1 - 4 ] 8/19-29/2005
The influence of the certain dinosaur animated cartoon of the United States has been received.
Everything will grow up little by little by the same dragon.
The reason for not alar though it is the largest is that the size of the
picture grows too much. The color is undecided.

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